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Solar box cookers and solar panel cookers normally do not need to be turned to follow the sun unless you are cooking beans or an especially large amount of food. If tracking the sun is necessary, some of the ideas below might serve this purpose.

350px|none|See Tracking Solar Accumulating Barbecue.

800by566Water Based Solar Tracker Diagram

Brian White's diagram of the dripper tracker which is potentially a highly accurate waterclock. Graphic by Mike Murphy.

SimpleSolarTracking's design for a simple system to reposition a solar cooker automatically while unattended.


]Tracking mechanism that uses the hour hand of a clock to control the turning of a solar cooker

Solar Water Clock Drive

A plan for a solar water clock drive submitted by

Solar Oven Repositing Device V1-0

Solar oven repositioning device designed by Jeff Monaco. Tom Sponheim suggested using wax melting instead to remove the need for a magnifying glass.

SolarOvenRepositingDevice V2-0

Tom Sponheim suggested using wax melting instead to remove the need for a magnifying glass


Gimp equa float pistons

Provisionally called liquid piston tracker

Von Oppen tracking diagram

The Von Oppen system uses a half filled bottle to act as a floating piston, which drops when the water is slowly drained from the reservoir.

Programable tracking systems

Still in its infancy, programable tracking systems are being developed with software to not only rotate the reflector to maintain maximum exposure to the sun, but to also control cooking time and desired temperatures. thumb|400px|left

December 2010: Programable system tracks the sun, and turns the reflector away when cooking is completed.

Audio and video

March 2011: Box cooker rotated by PV panels sending power to 12 volt motor. As one PV panel begins to receive less light, it sends less power to the servo, which operates the motor until both panels are a sending balanced power stream.
April 2010: UC Berkeley student tracking system demonstration
March 2010: Tracking Solar Accumulating Barbecue - Brian White
May 2008: Clock based dripper tracker demo
June 2006: Dripper tracker for parabolic solar accumulator

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