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  • 16-18 April 2018: (Tiemcen) The Research-2-Practice Forum 2018: Energy, Water Security and Climate Change in Africa will be meeting at the Pan African University Institute for Water and Energy Sciences (PAUWES) in Tiemcen. Additional support from the German Government and in cooperation with a consortium of German universities (UNU-EHS, ZEF and ITT) led by UNU-EHS and the University Abou Bekr Belkaid in Tlemcen are jointly organizing the forum. The focus of the forum will be to promote and support applied and practice-oriented research and strategic partnerships in renewable energy, water and climate security in Africa. Information & submission guidelines, (due by 8 January 2018)


  • NEW: 13-14 April 2018: (Nantes) Stage « Construction de cuiseur solaire », sur deux jours. Vous fabriquerez votre propre cuiseur solaire de A à Z. Tarif : 130 euros (+ adhésion). Télécharger le programme et la fiche d’inscription.
  • NEW: 14 April and 16 June 2018: (Nantes) Stage « Fabrication du cuiseur thermos », sur en jour. Vous fabriquerez votre cuiseur thermos à partir de matériaux de récupération. Une journée pour découvrir son fonctionnement et comment réduire sa facture énergétique. Tarif : 50 euros (+ adhésion). Réduction de 50% sur les frais de stage pour les étudiants, chômeurs et moins de 25 ans. Télécharger le programme et la fiche d’inscription.
  • NEW: 15-16 June 2018: (Nantes) Stage « Construction de cuiseur solaire », sur deux jours. Vous allez fabriquer votre propre cuiseur solaire de A à Z. Tarif : 130 euros (+ adhésion). Télécharger le programme et la fiche d’inscription.
  • NEW: 28-29 September 2018: (Nantes) Atelier « Projet de développement et cuiseurs écologiques ». Deux journées qui permettent aux participants de consolider leur démarche de projet de diffusion de cuisson écologique, et d’acquérir les connaissances sur les différents cuiseurs et sur la fabrication d’un cuiseur à bois économe. Tarif : 100 euros (+ adhésion) Réduction de 50% sur les frais de stage pour les étudiants, chômeurs et moins de 25 ans. Télécharger le programme et la fiche d’inscription.


  • NEW: 9-11 March, 2018: (Phamong) - Permaculture Convergence: - The Bethel Business and Community Development Centre is sponsoring a gathering of individuals interested in discussing and networking with others about permaculture approaches to water, food, energy, technology, construction, and landscape development. Sites of interest on campus and in the adjacent community will be designated, which demonstrate BBCDC efforts in these areas. Attendance will include accommodation (shared) and meals from Friday dinner to Sunday breakfast. The fee is M1500.00/person all inclusive. They are limited to a maximum of 30 people so register early. To request more information, or register and provide a presentation topic contact: or Whatsapp: 00266 5874 2991


  • NEW: 8-10 June 2018: (Brösarp) - Food festival demonstration: Solar chef, Sara Hjalmarsson, will be demonstrating solar cooking technology at the Skåne Food Festival held in southern Sweden. Anyone interested in assisting Sara can contact her. She feels there will be a reduced/free entrance to the event for helpers, and possibly she can assist with accomodations. Skåne festival information... Contact Sara
  • NEW: 2-4 August 2018: (Näsåker) - Folkfest demonstration: The Urkult festival held in northern Sweden attracts environmentally conscious families from around the world, according to solar chef, Sara Hjalmarsson. She will be demonstrating solar cooking while she prepares various dishes, following a theme of being sustainable, vegan, and gluten-free. The goal is to get people interested and willing to buy solar/thermal. Urkult festival information...


EuroSun 2018 logo
  • NEW: 10-13 September 2018: (Rapperswil) - EuroSun 2018: The 12th International Conference on Solar Energy for Buildings and Industry be held on the campus of the HSR University of Applied Science Rapperswil on Lake Zürich. The call for papers is open until 28 February, 2018. More information:,



  • 10 March 2018, Saturday: (Sacramento) - Solar workshop for educators: For grade levels 3-12+, participants at the SMUD workshop will learn about the history and science of solar thermal technology, which will include solar cooking. Held at SMUD facilities at 6301 S Street from 9am-3pm, the focus will be on how educators can best bring these concepts into their classrooms. More information...
  • NEW: 9-10 April 2018: (Sacramento) - Green California Summit: - The annual Green California Summit was established eleven years ago to support emissions reduction and environmental stewardship, and to provide information, education and resources to the public and private sector professionals who create, manage and execute green projects and programs. Admission to the keynote, Expo, and Leadership Awards is free. More information...


  • NEW: 22-24 February 2018: (Pittsburgh) - Engineer the Future 2018 - Celebrate National Engineers Week at the Carnegie Science Center with 'Engineer the Future', powered by the EQT Foundation. Learn about the different types of engineering by engaging in hands-on activities. Mary Buchenic and Jennifer Gasser will be demonstrating solar cookers to encourage future engineers. Located at One Allegheny Ave, admission is free, and exhibits are open 10am-3pm each day. More information...
  • NEW: 6 March 2018, Tuesday: (Pittsburgh) - Sci Tech Day with Solar Sisters - Mary Buchenic and Jennifer Gasser from Solar Sisters, will discuss the potential global impact of solar cooking and what you can do to help at the Carnegie Science Center at 11am. You will learn about the Solar Sisters’ work in Haiti and. Bring questions for a lively Q&A. The program is being presented for school field trips only. More information...


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