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[[File:Solar_Flare_cooker.jpg|thumb|300px|[[Solar Flare]] funnel cooker]]
[[File:Solar_Flare_cooker.jpg|thumb|300px|[[Solar Flare]] funnel cooker]]
They have created a basic funnel cooker design called the [[Solar Flare]].
They have created a basic funnel version of a [[parabolic solar cooker]] design called the [[Solar Flare]].
==Recent news and developments==
==Recent news and developments==

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Solar Zenith logo, 5-23-13

Solar Zenith is a company making solar cookers located in Bountiful, Utah, USA. Their goals include:

  • Provide the most efficient and low cost solar cooker for preparedness, enthusiasts, and educators.
  • Promote and encourage solar cooking to reduce the strain on the environment from other fuels.
  • Create a daily use solar cooker that anyone can use to enjoy cooking with the sun.
Solar Flare cooker

Solar Flare funnel cooker

They have created a basic funnel version of a parabolic solar cooker design called the Solar Flare.

Recent news and developments

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Solar Zenith, LLC
500 South 90 West #150
Bountiful, Utah 84010

Tel.: +1 801-410-0860



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