Solar Umbrella Cooker, 12-29-13

The Solar Umbrella Cooker

Solar Umbrella Cooker cooking temp., 12-29-13

Showing a cooking temperature of 149°C(300°F).

Solar Umbrella Cooker ready for assembly, 12-29-13

The cooker is disassembled.

The Solar Umbrella Cooker has been designed, and is manufactured and distributed by the Guangzhou Global Trade Co.,Limited in China. This parabolic solar cooker was designed to be lightweight, 2.5 - 4.5kg(5.5 - 10lbs), easy to transport and store, and comes with its own travel case. It uses the tried and true umbrella structure to support the reflector. Cooking tempuratures have been reported to reach 150 - 200°C(300 - 400°F).

The photo of the cooker disassembled shows that the kit includes plastic stakes to help secure the legs against the wind. It is a lightweight assembly with considerable reflector area that may be prone to twisting in the wind. It is unclear if the stakes will be sufficient to keep it planted on the ground.


See Guangzhou Global Trade Co.,Limited.