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Movements need songs! If you know a good solar cooking song or can create one (Hint: Consider setting it to a tune that people already know), here is a place to post it or post a link to it!

We Cook With Sunshine Edit

(By Sharon_Cousins… to the tune of "You Are My Sunshine")


We cook with sunshine,
Bright glowing sunshine,
The food is tasty, the power's free.
Clean up is easy, the kitchen's breezy,
When we cook with the sun's energy.

One sunny day, dear,
As I was cooking,
I dreamed the world was cooking too,
Everyone cooking, out in the sunshine,
Under skies that stay clear and blue.


No wood or charcoal,
No smoke or fire,
No gas or electricity,
No need for forming more global warming,
When we cook with the power that's free.


When there's a clear day,
With lots of sunlight,
We all can learn to cook with sun.
So we can save trees, and cut pollution,
And 'cause solar cooking is fun!

(Chorus, repeat chorus)

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