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Solar Solutions was established in 1996 by inventor and entrepreneur, Frank Husson. The company, based in San Diego, California, is currently involved in developing solar thermal technologies utilizing advanced designs, techniques and materials. We are dedicated to creating useful and affordable products that will be environmentally friendly while providing viable solutions to critical humanitarian needs.

We are driven by a commitment to improve the world’s environment and the health of its people by developing and promoting the use of solar energy and other appropriate technology.

Solar Solutions will donate any profits realized from the sale of solar water purifiers to individuals in need in developing countries through NGO’s and humanitarian organizations. We also offer free water purification designs on our website.

Recent news and developments

  • November 2011: Solar Solutions reports the AquaPak water pasteurizer has now been introduced in 70 countries. The unit can be fabricated locally in developing countries with a target price of $2US.

Construction plans

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Solar Solutions
10080 Willow Creek Road
San Diego, California 92131

Tel: +1 (858) 695-3806
Fax: +1 (858) 695-3807


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