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Nix solar smelter design

solar smelter schematics

Solar Smelters International patent app. illustration 4-10.jpg

Patent application illustration for Half Parabolic Dish Reflector with Planar Reflector Solar Smelter, April, 2010

Solar Smelters International is a non-profit organization - dedicated to providing high temperature solar energy applications for those in need - promoting and educating the public regarding industrial solar process heat and the safety of its use; encouraging all concerned to harness concentrated sunlight for materials processing - such as smelting of rocks/glass/metals, and for the processing of waste/chemicals via industrial solar process temperatures in producing steam/water distillation. The organization founder is Martin Nix.

Audio and video

Video:Melting steel with solar power


The following documents are blueprints of solar smelters:

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Martin Nix
Solar Smelters International
PO Box 95173
Seattle, Washington 98145-2173

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