Last updated: 30 April 2017      
Solar Roast Coffee Helios3
Solar Roast Coffee storefront
Solar Roast Coffee is a family-owned Limited Liability Company (L.L.C.) owned by Michael and David Hartkop. With their 7 m2 concentrator called Helios 3 they can roast 2.5 kg of coffee grains in 22 minutes. Using Helios 3, instead of a gas-fired conventional roaster, about 2 tons of CO2 emissions are prevented. The company started selling their exclusivly organic, fairtrade, solar-roasted coffees in 2004. Solar Roast Coffee is pleased to announce the opening of its first ever Café, in Pueblo, Colorado. The doors opened and solar espresso started to steam on February 26, 2007.

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Michael Hartkop
4070 Willow Springs Rd.
Central Point, OR 97502

Tel: +1 (541) 231-6947

Twitter: @solarroast

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