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==See also==
==See also==
* '''July 2006:''' [[Media:Granada06_amir_komarizade.pdf‎|A paper on the Solar Picnic presented by Amir Komarizade at the Granada solar cooking conference]]
* '''July 2006:''' [[media:Granada06_Amir_Komarizade.pdf|Solar Picnic]]—<i>presented by Amir Komarizade at the Granada Solar Cooking Conference</i>
*'''July 2006:''' [[Media:Amir komarizade.pdf|Technical Description]]
*'''July 2006:''' [[Media:Amir komarizade.pdf|Technical Description]]
*[[Amir Komarizade]]
*[[Amir Komarizade]]

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The Solar Picnic solar panel cooker was designed by Amir Komarizade in Iran. One can build it from transparent plastic sheeting (waterproof) or even from cardboard, using aluminum coated adhesive tape for its reflecting surface. It will not only cook or warm foods at any latitude, it can also heat water for a cup of tea in 10-20 minutes (depending on the season at middle latitudes).

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Solar Picnic

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