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This design from Roger Bernard is a very light and simple solar panel cooker that was the inspiration for the popular CooKit. It is made mainly doing some cuts in a rectangular cardboard box and lining it up with some reflective material. The cooking recipient has to be black and incorporate some material to induce the greenhouse effect, such as a plastic bag or a glass bowl. Its size allows to cook small quantities of food, for one person.


Cardboard box, reflecting material (aluminium paper) and glue.


  • Dimensions: Bottom, approximately 23 x 25 cm, and height of 30 cm.
  • Weight: Very light (usually less than 1kg).

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Roger Bernard
The Association Lyonnaise pour l'Etude et le Developpement de l'Energie Solaire
A.L.E.D.E.S Université de Lyon

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