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Solar Inti 2009

Solar Inti is a French-Argentine project for the development of ecological and solar ovens provided to low-income families in the northwest region of Argentina.

News and recent developments

June 2008 - June 2012:

  • 1700 ecological cookers (solar cookers, biomass cook stove, thermic box) were distributed in northwestern Argentina.
  • They benefit 1500 families. More than 6000 people take advantage of solar and low cost energy to cook and to heat water.
  • Daily use will allow them to save 1700 tons of CO2 every year.
  • Families are qualified to build and repare her own solar cooker
  • Pulmonary and ocular diseases are reduced due to the lack of smoke. Back problems are reduced from not needing to carry a weekly load of firewood. Diarrea (especially affecting children) is combated with the pasteurisation of the water.

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Pierre-Yves Herrouet
General Coordinator of SOLAR INTI project in Argentina

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