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Solar Inti
Solar Inti 2009

Solar Inti is a French-Argentine project for the development of ecological and solar ovens provided to low-income families in the northwest region of Argentina.



  • December 2015: Solar Inti now offers the Horno MALAMBO fuel-efficient woodstove.
  • November 2015: Solar Inti reports that it has distributed more than 3000 "ecological cookers" and plans to expand to cover all of Argentina.
  • June 2008 - December 2013:
    • 2500 ecological cookers (solar cookers, biomass cookstove, heat-retention cookers, ecological oven, ecological shower) were distributed in northwestern Argentina.
    • Participatives worshops qualified families to build and repare her own solar cooker
    • More than 8000 people take advantage of solar and low cost energy to cook and to heat water.
    • Daily use will allow them to save 2500 tons of CO2 every year.
    • Pulmonary and ocular diseases are reduced due to the lack of smoke. Back problems are reduced from not needing to carry a weekly load of firewood. diarrhea (especially affecting children) is combated with the pasteurisation of the water.


Audio and video

  • October 2016: “COCINAS ECOLÓGICAS PARA LA PUNA” ("GREENER STOVES COOK FOR PUNA" Listen to Pierre Herrouët from Solar Inti explain how they are working to distribute solar cookers in the rugged Puna region of Argentina. Listen to the radio interview (Spanish)
  • July 2015:
SOLAR INTI busca la autonomia en energia y alimentos13:13

SOLAR INTI busca la autonomia en energia y alimentos

Pierre-Yves HERROUET cuenta porque se invierte en el proyecto SOLAR INTI. A su vez propone un taller de fabricación de emolientes (bebida a base de aloe vera) que se organiza en la cuidad de Salta (noroeste de Argentina).

  • April 2014:
Solar Inti sur France 5 (avril 2014 partie1) Solar Inti en el canal francès "France 5" (abril 2014, parte 1)30:38

Solar Inti sur France 5 (avril 2014 partie1) Solar Inti en el canal francès "France 5" (abril 2014, parte 1)

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Pierre-Yves Herrouet
General Coordinator of SOLAR INTI

Skype: pierives

Email (Salta, Argentina):
Email (Argentina):
Email (France):

Blog (Spanish):
Blog (French):
Twitter: @SolarIntiARG

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