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Solar Ibex detail
Solar Ibex tracking detail

adjustable tracking system

Solar Ibex micro motors.jog

micro motors move reflector, operated by a small PV array

The Solar Ibex is a parabolic solar cooker designed by Nir Beit-av, as his graduation project in industrial design studies. It offers adjustable cooking times, and potential operating temperatures up to 300°C, with the ability to cook, boil and bake. It is foldable and lightweight for portability. The design also incorporates a tracking system, as parabolic cookers require frequent changes in orientation to the sun. Mirco motors are located at the base of the reflector, which rotate the reflector and operate via a small PV panel. All you have to do is to adjust time and heat intensity, the cooker will do the rest.

For climbing expeditions at base camp, alpine refugios and remote settlements, using a Solar Ibex may require longer cooking times, but saves overall pack weight. The designer is looking for potential investors to help move the design into production.

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