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Solar Grill
The Solar Grill from Tammock promises to cook your food using nothing more than the sun’s rays.

“With the new Solar-Grill you can barbecue fish, chicken, vegetables, juicy steaks or other tastey meals and all this can be achieved without electricity, gas, coals, connecting or fire lighting,” claims the company’s website.

According to the instructions, users simply unfold the Solar-Grill, aim it at the sun, put the meal into the barbecue cup and grilling starts immediately. OK, so there’s no smoky charcoal taste to the food, but that means there’s no smoke and no open fire. Meals also don’t have to be turned and all you get is the pleasant smell of fresh barbecued dishes.

Solar Grill cooking chamber

And when you think about it logically, the Solar-Grill is actually a genius invention. How many times have you decided to have a barbecue only for it to pour down – but still you carry on regardless?


With the Solar-Grill, no sun means no cooking and the perfect excuse to head down to the dry safety of a pub instead. It costs €180 (£122) plus postage, but with no fuel to buy should eventually pay for itself.

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