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Solar Freedom International was founded by Craig Shearer who develops new ideas within the “Think Tank” at the solar powered headquarters in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.

Craig is known as the "Master of Solar Design Solutions." He is the top consultant and trainer in his chosen niche of “Lifecycle Efficiency Designer” L.ed.

His 25 years of experience as an inventor have earned him an international reputation in Solar Cooking Design. Other inventions looking for a Qualified Manufacturer are his “Coolair” solar air conditioning system, “Freshair” solar composting porta toilet, and “Wattair” Solar water distiller and sterilizer, just to name a few.

Craig is a high energy, persuasive, leader and professional speaker. He has Taught thousands of people from Architects and Engineers to home owners and young people the secrets of turning sunshine into diamonds.

He is sought after for his unique skills and leadership and is currently writing two books that will detail his experience in this sector.


402 24th Street West
Saskatoon SK S7L 0B8

Tel: +1 (306)652-1442
Fax: +1 (306)652-1442

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