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Solar Fire TinyTech Concentrator, 2-21-12

Solar Fire TinyTech Concentrator

Solar Fire TinyTech Concentrator steam pump, 2-21-12

Solar Fire TinyTech Concentrator steam driven water pump attachment

The Solar Fire TinyTech Concentrator was developed for use as either a village power source, or to generate steam for institutional cooking. It measures 90 sq. meters and is a fixed focus completely folding concentrator, not requiring any foundation in the ground.

The shipping size will be 12 cu. mt., and one 6 mt.(20 ft) shipping container can fit two concentrators. It can be assembled at the site in two days, and the mirror focusing will take another five days. Then immediately it starts working.

For small captive power plants for 5KW and for steam cooking system for hostels , this will be ideally suitable. It may cook for 800 to 1000 people. Heat power will be at about 40KW. Frame size is 11.5mt x 11.5 mt and will occupy space of 16mt x 16mt for revolving.

Tracking is manual, but only one person can manage the tracking of five such concentrators. So it is not big problem in poor countries. We are however, working on an automatic tracking system.

The FOB cost is $12,000 USD.

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