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The Helios Bread Oven at work

Solar Fire concentrators are present in Mexico, Cuba, Mali, France, USA, Haiti and India. Related models, the Helios, Vesta, Prométhée, and SFP32 have been built by motivated individuals and/or organizations. , a collaborative Open Site serves to develop and talk about Local Solar Concentrators that can replace fires of fossil fuels, wood and other biomass for agriculture and small industries with good results.

News and recent developments

  • January 2011: Eerik Wissenz builds a 32 square meter array that will power a 2 hp steam engine called FP32, in North India with Tinytech.
  • January 2010: Eerik & Eva Wissenz build a 9 square meter array called Prometheus9, in North India with Tinytech.

Audio and video

thumb|400px|left|Assembly and performance of the Solar Fire P32 concentrating reflector.

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