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Solar Energy International teaches an online workshop called Renewable Energy for the Developing World that includes a section on solar cooking. The center is located in the last virgin rainforest of Costa Rica’s Puriscal County. The property shares a significant border with the splendid La Cangreja national park, in Sabana Grande. Much of the six-day workshop will be hands on: participants will help a women’s cooperative build and use solar ovens, design and install a solar-electric system, and build a methane biodigester, amongst other things. The workshop will also include overviews of social and cultural issues related to working in the developing world. The registration fee of $650 covers food, lodging and all in-country transportation.

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Solar Energy International
P.O. Box 715
Carbondale, Colorado 81623

Tel: +1 (970) 963-8855
Fax: +1 (970) 963-8866

Twitter: @solarenergyintl

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