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Solar Cooking Plus logo, 9-18-14
Irene Perbal photo, 9-18-14

Irene Perbal

Solar Cooking Plus is a non=profit organization started by Irene Perbal in partnership with the Rotary club in her hometown of Jackson, California, USA.

Solar Cooking Plus chronicles the history of Irene's experiences with solar cooking in helping to introduce the technology in Brazil in 2005, and her work organizing workshops closer to home in California.

Recent news and developments

Rotary Club dinner, Solar Cooking Plus, 9-18-14

Rotary club solar cooked dinner in August 2014.

  • August 2014: Irene Perbal hosted a solar cooked dinner for there local Jackson, California Rotary club.

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Solar Cooking Plus
Irene Perbal
Jackson, California

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