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Ajay Chandak

Professor Ajay Chandak is the founder of Prince India, a non-governmental organisation in Dhule, Maharashtra, India.

We have completed an ambitious project that consisted of the manufacture, transport, installation, and commissioning for 300 community cookers at tribal schools in Maharashtra. These are 2.3 m diameter parabolic cookers designed by us. The order was placed by the state government on 14 February 2007 and the project was completed by 31 March 2007. M/s Essential Equipments, one of our trainees, executed the project. This is the single largest solar cooking project in the world, for dish cookers, with the installation of over 1200 m2 of aperture area in just 45 days.

We conduct many training programs for developing manufacturers of parabolic cookers and our efforts are succeeding. I believe that the technology will propagate faster if we can make it accessible to all.
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