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Joseph Odey demonstration1

I am Mr. Joseph Odey, a promoter of solar cooking technology in Nigeria. I started promoting solar cooking in 2000. First I pay a visit to the school and hold meeting with the school authority/head. I introduce myself as a person promoting uses of solar energy to benefit people and environment in Nigeria. I propose to hold lectures both in theory and practice for the staff and students. The cost of hosting the program is negotiated and agreed before the commencement. This money (though little) is used for printing of handouts and buying of ingredients. Demonstrations of how to make and use solar cookers are presented to the staff and students. The most thrilling moments occur when the food is cooked successfully and everybody sees and tastes it. So far over 600 solar CooKits have been constructed by me through demonstrations in the schools communities and workshops held in few places in the country.

The climate in Nigeria welcomes solar cooking. The intensity of sunshine is very high. Due to the high cost of fuel wood and cooking gases, people are looking for alternatives for cooking food in the country. If they have access to solar cooker with time it will become leisure and a relief to their sufferings. All Nigerian dishes have been tested and cooked successfully with the solar cookers to the admiration of all. People see the cooker operate, taste the food and come to the conclusion that it is very good for them to own their cookers.
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