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Solar Reflex Pyramid

The SolaReflex Pyramid cooker is a flexible design that allows most meals to be cooked with no more that one adjustment to the moving sun for nearly unattended solar cooking. Its design may easily be scaled up for heating or cooking larger quantities of food or water. We have been testing a prototype giant 4' x 6' Pyramid cooker that will heat 5 or more gallons of water or cook 6 large pots of food or bake a half dozen loaves of bread at one time. We've found that it can easily be adapted to dry food, or it can be used as a lower temperature heat source for generating hot air, water, or for medical uses. Both back reflectors and the front adjustable reflectors nearly triple the amount of usable sunlight for superior heat gain inside the cooker. Dry heat temperatures inside the closed cooker will reach well over 200°F in about 15-20 minutes in midday sun, so little, if any, preheating is necessary. Typical cooking times average between one to three hours, depending on the type and amount of food to be cooked and amount of direct sunshine.
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