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60cm parvati side view

While solar cooking is usually associated with tropical or subtropical regions, cooking at high latitudes is possible as well. In December, at 58° north latitude with the ambient temperature at −6.8 °C (20°F), a 120 centimeter (48 inch) parabolic cooker boiled a liter of water in 25 minutes demonstrating that solar cooking works even in cold climates.

As well as the parabolic cooker, Brit Bakken Oedegaard, a teacher in Norway, has built a CooKit, a Reflective Open Box cooker, a Heaven's Flame cooker and a Twelve-Sided Parvati cooker. The CooKit brought a half liter of water to 91 °C and the Reflective Open Box cooker brought water to a boil. She made soup in the Heaven's Flame, and cooked rice in the Parvati cookers. The Parvati (pictured) was most useful, because it needed no turning for two hours. She made casseroles, cooked potatoes, vegetables and fish, and baked bread.
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