On April 23, 2007, the Solar Cooking Wiki changed its name to the Solar Cooking Archive Wiki to emphasize the close relationship between the wiki and the Solar Cooking Archive. Then in 2013, the was name changed to the Solar Cookers International Network to clarify the relationship between Solar Cookers International (the sponsor of the Network) and the Network members.


In 1995, Tom Sponheim, a volunteer for SCI, created the Solar Cooking Archive. Tom maintained the site for the next 10 years on a volunteer basis. While he worked closely with Solar Cookers International, Tom funded and provided most of the editorial direction of the archive himself.

In the meantime, SCI created a site that covered its organizational structure and solar cooking activities:

During the early years of the Solar Cooking Archive, Tom gathered information on solar cooking and collected it in one place (hence the name Solar Cooking Archive). Over the years, more and more solar cooking enthusiasts submitted plans and other materials for posting in the archive. Volunteers from around the world translated some of the documents into other languages.

At the Granada solar cooking conference in July 2006, it became apparent that there was a great need for conference participants (and others) to stay in close communication after the conference. Tom gave a short presentation at the conference on ways the Solar Cooking Archive could be enhanced to support more two-way communication, including making some pages wiki-based. Tom had done some work on the Wikipedia encyclopedia project, but he had never thought about how wiki technology could be used to enhance the archive until the idea was suggested to him by volunteer Beth Ogilvie, now an administrator on this wiki. The Solar Cooking Archive had never had pages dedicated to each country where solar cooking was taking place. Nor did it have pages for each NGO or individual. If we were going to add such pages, it made sense to make them wiki-based so SCI didn’t become an information bottleneck and so others could add their own information.

The first thing Tom did on his return from Spain was invested whether to host the wiki pages in the archive or use a hosting service. It was decided to use Wikia as the host. Wikia takes care of server maintenance, backup, vandalism protection, etc., leaving SCI staff and volunteers free to concentrate on the content.

The Solar Cooking [Archive] Wiki grew quickly to almost 600 topics. Many people from around the world made contributions, and we hope more people will realize how easy it is to edit a wiki page. Vandalism has been minimal.

Site URL Purpose
Solar Cookers International Information on Solar Cookers International
Solar Cooking Archive This URL now redirects to
Solar Cookers International Network Editable knowledge base of solar cooking technology, people, and organizations

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