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Welcome to the Solar Cookers International Network (SCInet) Wiki, the world’s premier resource for solar thermal cooking and related technologies. The articles on this site are consulted more than a quarter million times each month as people seek in-depth information on these topics. This wiki-based site can be edited by everyone and thus offers a global platform for information sharing. Learn about solar cooking field projects, research, design, and promotion. Groups and individuals directly involved in these efforts are invited to join SCInet and work with us to improve this resource and to further solar cooking around the world. For more information, contact

August 2014

Energy needs graph (image sharpened), Ajay Chandak, 8-12-14

Energy needs graph of the Ram Krishna Mission Student’s Home, Mylapore, Chennai, India - Ajay Chandak

  • Institutional solar cooker with heat storage allows cooking after sunset - Commissioned on October 26, 2013, the steam-based ARUN®100 solar cooking system at the Ram Krishna Mission Student’s Home, Mylapore, Chennai in India now allows early morning and evening cooking. The accompanying graph shows when they need to cook and when the mid-day sun recharges the system. Read more about it at: ARUN®100 with Thermal Storage at Ramkrishna Mission, Chennai - Ajay Chandak
Suryakumbh 2014

3,484 children from 80+ schools participated in the previous world's largest solar cooking class in Mumbai.

  • The stage is set for the next world's largest solar cooking workshop - A Bhayander, India based NGO, Keshav Srushti, in a bid to spread awareness on solar cooking, will be gathering 25,000 students from 500 schools across Mumbai on January 15, 2015 to cook solar-powered dishes. Read more...
  • Solar Cookers International contributes data for US-Africa Leaders Summit - President Barack Obama announced August 6th, 2014 that the U.S. NGO community invested over $1.5 billion in Africa in 2013 and anticipates investing another $4 billion over the next three years. Solar Cookers International (SCI) was one of the members of the InterAction network collaborating to collect data on U.S. NGO aid spending in Africa. See information on SCI’s current projects and the news release.
  • Solar Cookers International is hiring! - Based on needs identified at the recent SCInet Solar Cooking Convention, SCI is hiring a full-time Monitoring & Evaluation Specialist to promote data collection and project evaluation practices within the global solar cooking sector. Read full job description.

July 2014

  • New video from Pat McArdle where people from all around the world tell why they solar cook:
Yes We Do Solar Cook04:26

Yes We Do Solar Cook

Sacramento festival 2014

Solar Cooking Festival 2014, Sacramento, California, USA

  • Solar cooking conference extols virtues of cookers to developing world (Sacramento Bee) - Hundreds of people Saturday cooked using only the power of the sun – a practice little used in the United States, but considered a liberating tool for women in developing countries that also helps curb greenhouse gas emissions. Read more...
Resilience mulitple pot fireless cooker, 7-7-14

A heat-retention cooker designed for multiple pots.

June 2014

WHO HAP deaths by location 2012
  • Household air pollution from cooking fires kills more people than malaria, tuberculosis, and AIDS combined - The journal Nature reports on a recent World Health Organization (WHO) report that states that 4.3 million people die annually from household air pollution caused by polluting biomass stoves used by one-third of the global population. However, efforts to introduce more efficient biomass stoves are failing. Read article in Nature: Global health: Deadly dinners

May 2014

Scr may14
  Read the Spring 2014 issue of Solar Cooker Review
...or see back issues.
Earthbound Tech cooker test, 5-3-14

Reciprocal light testing, (Earthbound Technology photo)


Engineers Without Borders - Iran solar cooking workshop

  • Solar cooking advocate in Iran trains high school students - Soheil Salimi, a twenty-two year old civil engineering student, has started a chapter of Engineers Without Borders - Iran, and has begun organizing solar cooking workshops in his free time. His latest class was at the Hafez high school for girls. Read more about his projects on his personal page.

April 2014

March 2014

Solar Women of Totogalpa baking photo 4-24-10

Nicaraguan group Solar Women of Totogalpa prepares baked goods for sale

  • How solar energy empowers women, youth in rural Nicaragua - Forty years ago Sabana Grande was ravaged by war. Now you will find people sitting under solar-powered lights, eating solar-cooked chicken, and drinking smoothies made by a bicycle-powered blender. Sabana Grande has embraced a solar culture that has transformed the community. Read more... (See also other solar restaurants and bakeries.)

February 2014

French solar food cart, 2-10-14

See Sun and Ice.

  • French solar cuisine done with style - Sun and Ice shares photos of one of their reflectors incorporated into a portable solar kitchen, created by one of their customers in France. The small, trailered construction is a rolling work of art. See more photos on the facebook page.

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