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Welcome to the Solar Cookers International Network (SCInet) Wiki, the world’s premier resource for solar thermal cooking and related technologies. The articles on this site are consulted more than a quarter million times each month as people seek in-depth information on these topics. This wiki-based site can be edited by everyone and thus offers a global platform for information sharing. Learn about solar cooking field projects, research, design, and promotion. Groups and individuals directly involved in these efforts are invited to join SCInet and work with us to improve this resource and to further solar cooking around the world. For more information, contact

SCInet Solar Cooking Convention July 17-19, 2014

Sacramento event at Capitol
  • EVENT: The SCInet Solar Cooking Convention 2014, sponsored by Solar Cookers International with support from Agua Fund and the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves, will take place in Sacramento, California, USA July 17-19, 2014. Solar cooking project directors, promoters, designers, researchers, and manufacturers with experience in the transfer of solar cooking technologies are encouraged to gather for this exchange-of-information convention. The format will include presentations, panel discussions, working groups, and public demonstration of solar cookers. The last day of the event will be the Sacramento Solar Cooking Festival, open to the public at no charge and local solar cooks are encouraged to participate in the Festival on that day (Saturday, July 19). Event registration information...
  • Payment reminder - To attend the Convention, registration and payment must be completed by July 1. There will be no registrations on-site at the Convention: Registration checkout

June 2014

  • A New Turn Toward Solar Cooking - Pia Piroschka Otte. Learn how solar cookers are accepted and used in Burkina Faso and India. This paper discusses six case-studies from the two countries where Scheffler reflectors were used by a diverse selection of institutions. More information about how solar cooker use can vary between cultures can be found on the solar cooker dissemination and cultural variables page.
  • Raquel Redshirt develops her own solar oven03:51

    Raquel Redshirt develops her own solar oven.

    Teen scientist harnesses sun power to help Navajo community - To support her community, Raquel Redshirt designed and built a solar oven using locally available materials. She was invited to the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair and was honored with a special award. Read more...
WHO HAP deaths by location 2012
  • Household air pollution from cooking fires kills more people than malaria, tuberculosis, and AIDS combined - The journal Nature reports on a recent World Health Organization (WHO) report that states that 4.3 million people die annually from household air pollution caused by polluting biomass stoves used by one-third of the global population. However, efforts to introduce more efficient biomass stoves are failing. Read article in Nature: Global health: Deadly dinners

May 2014

Scr may14
  Read the Spring 2014 issue of Solar Cooker Review
...or see back issues.
Earthbound Tech cooker test, 5-3-14

Reciprocal light testing, (Earthbound Technology photo)


Engineers Without Borders - Iran solar cooking workshop

  • Solar cooking advocate in Iran trains high school students - Soheil Salimi, a twenty-two year old civil engineering student, has started a chapter of Engineers Without Borders - Iran, and has begun organizing solar cooking workshops in his free time. His latest class was at the Hafez high school for girls. Read more about his projects on his personal page.

April 2014

March 2014

Solar Women of Totogalpa baking photo 4-24-10

Nicaraguan group Solar Women of Totogalpa prepares baked goods for sale

  • How solar energy empowers women, youth in rural Nicaragua - Forty years ago Sabana Grande was ravaged by war. Now you will find people sitting under solar-powered lights, eating solar-cooked chicken, and drinking smoothies made by a bicycle-powered blender. Sabana Grande has embraced a solar culture that has transformed the community. Read more... (See also other solar restaurants and bakeries.)

February 2014

French solar food cart, 2-10-14

See Sun and Ice.

  • French solar cuisine done with style - Sun and Ice shares photos of one of their reflectors incorporated into a portable solar kitchen, created by one of their customers in France. The small, trailered construction is a rolling work of art. See more photos on the facebook page.

For older news, please see Solar cooking news archive.


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