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=='''Solar cooking around the world'''==
<tabber>Top News=<h2 style="display:none;">'''Top news'''</h2>
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|-|New Content=<h2 style="display:none;">'''New content'''</h2>
'''For older news''' and site additions, please see the [[Solar cooking news archive]].
*For questions and comments about the [[Solar Cookers International Network]] (SCInet) or this website, contact [].
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'''Questions and comments:''' []
'''Questions and comments:''' []
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Welcome to the [[Solar Cookers International Network]] (SCInet) Wiki, the world’s premier resource for [[Introduction to solar cooking|solar thermal cooking]] and [[Integrated Cooking Method|related technologies]]. The articles on this site are consulted more than a quarter million times each month as people seek in-depth information on these topics. This wiki-based site can be edited by everyone and thus offers a global platform for information sharing. Learn about solar cooking [[Most significant solar cooking projects|field projects]], [[research]], [[:Category:Solar cooker designs|design]], and [[Promoting solar cooking|promotion]]. Groups and individuals directly involved in these efforts are invited to [ join SCInet] and work with us to improve this resource and to further solar cooking around the world. For more information, contact [].
==<span style="color:RED;font-weight:bold;">SCInet Solar Cooking Convention 2014</span>==
*{{Event}} The '''SCInet Solar Cooking Convention 2014''', sponsored by [[Solar Cookers International]] with support from Agua Fund, Inc., will take place in Sacramento, {{state|California}}, [[USA]] July 17-19, 2014. Solar cooking project directors, promoters, designers, researchers, and manufacturers with experience in the transfer of solar cooking technologies are encouraged to gather for this exchange-of-information convention. The format will include presentations, panel discussions, working groups, and public demonstration of solar cookers. The last day of the event will be the '''Sacramento Solar Cooking Festival''', open to the public at no charge and local solar cooks are encouraged to participate in the Festival on that day (Saturday, July 19.) Event registrations and other details at: [ Event registration information...]
*'''Payment reminder''' - Just a reminder that the payment deadline for the SCInet Solar Cooking Convention is May 1st! Spots are filling up quickly and it is on a first-come, first-serve basis. Registration is not complete until your payment has been made. Make sure you don’t miss out on this terrific gathering for solar cooking experts to share knowledge and best practices! To secure your spot before May 1, go to [ Registration checkout].
==April 2014==
*'''Three cheers for the Girl Scouts''' - [ Girl Scouts in Texas can now earn a solar energy patch studying solar cooking and photovoltaic electrical generation]
*'''German solar cooker manufacturer reaches impressive milestone''' - [[Stephan Zech]], with [[Sun and Ice]], reports that they have distributed 50,000 [[parabolic solar cooker]]s in the last ten years.
==March 2014==
*[ Former SCI board member Paul Funk to participate in establishing cookstove and clean cooking solutions standards]
[[File:Solar_Women_of_Totogalpa_baking_photo_4-24-10.jpg|thumb|250px|Nicaraguan group [[Solar Women of Totogalpa]] prepares baked goods for sale]]
*'''How solar energy empowers women, youth in rural Nicaragua''' - Forty years ago Sabana Grande, a small community in northern Nicaragua, was ravaged by war. Now you will find people sitting under solar-powered lights, eating solar-cooked chicken, and drinking smoothies made by a bicycle-powered blender. Sabana Grande (pop. 2,000), in the mountains of Totogalpa, about 20 miles from the Honduran border, has embraced a solar culture that has transformed the community. [ Read more...]
* ''' NGO initiates second phase of solar bakery project in Burundi''' - [ Regions 20] continues its efforts to help local bakers organize their solar bakery. [ More information...] <b>Update: The deadline to submit proposals to supply the solar ovens has been extended.</b>. Interested parties will find more information here: [[Media:Invitation-to-Tender_Solar_Ovens.pdf|Invitation to Tender For Solar Bakery Project, Burundi]]. The scale of the project may be rather small, but the funding and implementation is coming from world leaders in the field of economic and environmental relief.
*[ Renewable Energy Cooking Resource Center under construction in Biharwe, Uganda]
==February 2014==
*[ School in Ladakh, India saves $23,000 USD in annual fuel costs with solar cookers]
*[[Darwin Curtis#Recent news and developments|Darwin Curtis receives SCI Order of Excellence 2013]]
*[[Friends of the Old#Recent news and developments|Friends of the Old in Kenya continues to distribute 100 safe water packages each month]]
[[File:French_solar_food_cart,_2-10-14.jpg|188px|thumb|See [[Sun and Ice#News and recent developments|Sun and Ice]].]]
*'''French solar cuisine done with style - ''' [[Sun and Ice]] shares photos of one of their reflectors incorporated into a portable solar kitchen, created by one of their customers in [[France]]. The small, trailered construction is a rolling work of art. See more photos on the [ facebook page.]
* [[Solar Cookers International]] (SCI) is proud to receive funding from The Agua Fund, Inc. for the SCInet Wiki. Read SCI’s current [[Media:SCI_Annual_Report_2012-2013.pdf|Annual Report]].
==January 2014==
[[File:SunFocus_hybrid_cooker_2,_1-29-14.jpg|thumb|200px|The [[SunFocus Solar Oven]]]]
*'''Hybrid solar cooker includes electrical back-up option''' - Since 2010, David Chalker, founder of the [[Sun BD Corporation]], has been working on a version of a [[solar box cooker]] that includes an electrical heating element, rated at 465 watts / 120v. The [[SunFocus]] has a built-in thermostat which will turn off the electrical heating element once the cooker has reached 150°C (300°F). The cookers are made in Waterloo, {{state|New York}}, [[USA]].
[[File:MiniSun12H_rechargable_lamp,_1-24-14.jpg|thumb|300px|The [ MiniSun12H] lamp recharges in sunlight.]]
*'''Solar cooking works with solar lighting to help families save money''' - [[Stephen Pearson]], founder of [[SUN-LIFE]], has been helping residents of [[Ghana]] for many years save on cooking fuel expense by learning to use the [[CooKit]] solar cooker. His new goal is to help these families further reduce their kerosene usage by offering a low cost portable lamp to replace their fuel-burning lanterns. The new [ MiniSun12H] lamp has an integrated photovoltaic panel to recharge the lamp during the day. The projected retail price for the lamp is $5 USD. His reasoning is; if a family can save on cooking fuel using the CooKit, then they will have enough money to be able to buy the new lamp. Using both approaches, the families should be able to save $50-100 USD on kerosene expense annually. Money is saved, and [[indoor air pollution]] is reduced. You can help him with this project by supporting his efforts at [ Indiegogo] fund raising. You can learn more about the new lamp in this short [ video].
*'''International aid organization seeks solar cookers for bakery in Burundi''' - The global relief organization [ R20-Regions of Climate Action] has organized a solar bakery project in Rutegama, [[Burundi]]. Currently the bakery, in operation since 2006, has relied on wood-fired ovens, with the wood needing to be gathered by the women working at the bakery. They are soliciting proposals from tenders interested in providing three institutional solar ovens required to convert the bakery to solar. The ovens must be limited to three meters (a little under 10 ft.) in height, and if carried, weighing no more than 10 kg (22 lbs.). <b>Update: new deadline of offers to be submitted by Friday 28th February 2014</b>. Interested parties will find more information here: [[Media:Invitation-to-Tender_Solar_Ovens.pdf|Invitation to Tender For Solar Bakery Project, Burundi]]. The scale of the project may be rather small, but the funding and implementation is coming from world leaders in the field of economic and environmental relief.
[[File:Chile_box_cookers_2,_Guai_Bao,_1-14-14.jpg|thumb|300px|Recently constructed [[solar box cooker]]s in Ovalle, [[Chile]].]]
*'''New solar cookers ready for distribution in Chile''' - Guai Bao, traveling in [[Chile]], sent along this photo of newly constructed [[solar box cooker]]s at a manufacturing facility in Ovalle. The cookers are well thought out. They are sturdy with insulated inner walls, and an internal high-back reflector to catch the sun. The front wall is low and slightly tipped forward to avoid blocking any sunlight. The external side reflectors appear to be able swing closed and protect the glass surface. They look ready to start cooking sitting on the small tables, which provides a convenient work height for users. The cooker construction is being supervised by [[Ruddy Viscarra]]. See more [ assembly photos] on [ facebook].
[[File:Suryakumbh_2014.png|thumb|300px|3,484 children from 80+ schools participated in the world's largest solar cooking class in Mumbai. [ Read more...]]]
*'''India raises the bar for the world's largest solar cooking class''' - "As many as 3,484 children from over 80 schools participated in the largest solar cooking initiative Suryakumbha on January 4th, which has qualified as an entry to the Guinness Book of World Records. The emergence of renewable sources of energy as an answer to the imminent exhaustion of conventional energy sources pushed a Bhayander NGO, Keshav Srushti, to start with the most influential members of society, children." The class was held in Mumbai, [[India]]. [ Read more...]
*The January 2014 issue of [[Solar Cooker Review]] is now available online.
default [[Media:Scr_jan14.pdf]]
desc none
For older news, please see [[Solar cooking news archive]].
*For questions and comments about the Solar Cookers International Network (SCInet) or its website (this wiki), contact [].
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[[Category:Main Page]]

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November 2015

UNCHR supplied Blazing Tube solar cooker in Burkina Faso, 2-9-15
UNHCR supplies 601 Blazing Tube Solar Cookers to Malian refugees in Burkina Faso refugee camps
Portugal conference 2016
January 22-23, 2016: (Faro, Portugal) CONSOLFOOD-2016 Conference: Advances in Solar Food Processing and Solar Cooking
Imani Women Group November 2015
With a solar oven, Kenyan women bake their way to a better life
Sci logo
Dec. 10th: SCI is hosting a free webinar on how to contribute your knowledge and experience to this site. Learn how to create and update a page about yourself, your design, or your group as well as add images, videos, and other info to existing articles.
BBC world service logo
Solvatten reports delivery of 40,000 water pasteurization units to date (Solvatten interview starts at 09:03)
Inti Ilimani video October 2015
Families in La Paz, Bolivia tell of the benefits that solar cooking has brought them
The Guardian
Can solar cookers help reduce greenhouse emissions in developing countries?
October 2015

Solar Cooker Market to Grow Due to Rising Consumer Awareness on the Utilization of Renewable Energy
A new World Health Organization Report examines the dangerous health effects of black carbon/other fossil fuel emissions and how clean cooking solutions can help
Jose Andres 2015
Celebrity chef José Andrés wants the world to cook with sunlight and biofuel
AUN students, Nigeria, fabricate CooKits, 10-15-15
Nigerian university students fabricate solar cookers for distribution
Tiloo new cooker line Sept 2015
Solar Association Gambia (TILOO) announces a new line of solar cookers for sale in Gambia starting next month
Soroptimist international4
Soroptimist International completes third and final solar cooker installation in Fiji
September 2015

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Bruzzlr-photongrill-set-up 2015
PhotonGrill is running a Kickstarter campaign for their new collapsible and inflatable parabolic solar cooker
SCI Association Logo
SCI Associates can now view the latest webinar on demand: A Five Sun Rating for Solar Cookers? Testing for Consumer Certification
Banco FIE 2015
Banco FIE helps mitigate the carbon footprint of the 2015 Dakar Rally by funding solar cooking in 40 Bolivian communities
BISS adding photovoltaic to solar cooker - August 2015
Bolivia Inti-Sud Soleil starts new project to add photovoltaic panels to its solar stoves to provide electricity to recharge mobile phones and other devices

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