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October 2014

Wonderbag image, 11-13-13

Sarah Collins with the Wonderbag

  • Heat-retention cooker receives world attention - The Wonderbag, created by Sarah Collins, is a product that combines cooking efficiency with a lively aesthetic. The company reports over 650,000 of the brightly colored heat-retention cooking bags have been distributed. Using the same amount of cooking fuel, three or more meals can be prepared with the Wonderbag compared to only one meal using traditional cooking methods.
  • Solar cooking in the Navajo nation - Raquel Redshirt presented her solar cooker design at the TEDxABQ 2014 conference in Albuquerque, NM on September, 6 2014. She stated that her solar cooker was a more health-conscious option in her community which has a high rate of diabetes.
Morpho Solar, IEEE Spectrum, 10-9-14

Guro Seim, the CEO of Morpho Solar, and Catlin Powers, COO of One Earth Designs, prepare a meal on a SolSource solar cooker. - Morpho Solar

  • Norwegian start-up company tackles heat storage for solar cookers - Guro Seim, CEO of Morpho Solar, announced a breakthrough in the heat storage capabilities for solar cookers. Their achievement was recognized with a $8,000 USD award from the Norwegian Ministry of Petroleum and Energy this past August. The company will begin selling the cooker in Europe, and under an agreement with Cambridge, Mass.-based One Earth Designs in the United States. Read more...
Solar Cooker Success in Afghanistan!03:12

Solar Cooker Success in Afghanistan!

  • Increased demand and success for solar cooking in Mauritania - Solar Clutch has teamed up with Lutheran World Federation to introduce solar cooking to refugees entering Mauritania. With a group of ten instructors, the Solar Clutch team developed a system to quickly train new instructors by having students demonstrate their new skills back to the group. Read more at: Solar Cooker Report Mauritania, April 2014

September 2014

Scr sep14
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Cal Poly San Luis Obispo Solar Cooker Research05:04

Cal Poly San Luis Obispo Solar Cooker Research

Under the direction of physics professor Dr. Peter Schwartz, a team of physics and engineering students at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo in California are conducting research on a simplified Scheffler reflector design that could be used by people in developing countries to heat water and cook food. They are also researching hybrid technologies that combine the use of a solar reflector and a Rocket Stove for uninterrupted cooking.


Dr. Bing Gu, CEO California Sunlight

Dr. Bing Gu was interviewed at the SCInet Solar Cooking Convention 2014. His Fresnel lens solar thermal cooking device can reach 315° (600°F), can track the sun and can store heat for nighttime cooking. He is seeking investors so California Sunlight Corporation can begin mass production.

Sun Juicer image, 8-21-14

The Sun Juicer lightweight parabolic solar cooker

  • Successful Kickstarter for the Sun Juicer - Congratulations to Leonel Gotlibowski and the Sun Juicer on their successful Kickstarter campaign! They set a goal of $15,000 and raised a total of $19,152. They describe the Sun Juicer as an emergency ultralight, compact, parabolic solar cooker. Read more...

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