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SCI Association logo, 8-10-16
EVENT: 6th SCI World Conference - Gujarat, India - January 2017 - More than 500 people from 25+ countries are expected to attend. Topics to include energy policy, entrepreneurship, marketing, finance, food processing, education, and more...
November 2016

Canelo de Nos in El Salvador, 11-30-16
Canelo de Nos has spearheaded a program in El Salvador to instruct low-income citizens on how to construct their own solar ovens and other energy saving appliances
Nakivale Refugee Settlement - September 2016 cropped
The Solar Connect Association starts new projects in two Ugandan refugee camps
CDDF & Sunlife student training in Ghana, 2-16 cropped
In Ghana, the partnership of SunLife and the Community Directed Development Foundation has fostered empowerment with community-based solar programs
October 2016

SCI BIoneers 10-16
Solar Cookers International joined One Earth Designs to demonstrate solar cooking at the Bioneers 2016 conference
Entrepreneur magazine logo, 10-26-16
Solavore, LLC Named One of the Best Privately-Owned Companies in America by Entrepreneur Magazine's Entrepreneur 360 List
Solar cooker on Everest, Sun and Ice, 10-20-16
Solar cooker quickly boils water in the intense sunlight of Mt. Everest base camp
Indian women business start-ups, 10-5-16
Women in India find empowerment with solar businesses, and win UN climate award
Sxsl 10-16
Chef José Andrés presented solar cooking technology at the South by South Lawn (SXSL) festival hosted at the White House
Times of India logo, 10-3-16
Solar cookers to be distributed to sixteen villages in the Agra region of India
September 2016

SCI solar cookers gragh Lower Nykach, Kenya, 9-22-16
Kenyan households to receive 1,000 CooKit solar cookers with help from Solar Cookers International and the Erik E. and Edith H. Bergstrom Foundation
Local Technical Group, Athens, Greece solar project, 9-20-16
The Project Daedalus - Local Technical Group in Athens, Greece has begun to explore solar cooking as a way to help transplanted refugees be able to help themselves
Dominican Republic solar cooking 2016, Yahoo News
How solar ovens are changing lives in the Dominican Republic



  • NEW:  3 November - 4 December 2016: (Aubagne) An experimental solar restaurant, "Le Présage" has been opened by chef, Ghislaine Milliet. The restaurant is open to the public as weather permits, and appears to use a Scheffler reflector as one of its cooking sources. A little more information is available at: "Le Présage" in Aubagne


  • 16-18 January 2017: 6th SCI World Conference 2017 - Solar Cookers International is organizing the next solar cooking conference to take place at the Muni Seva Ashram in Goraj (near Vadodara), Gujarat. Topics to be addressed include: solar cooking, solar food processing, energy policy, marketing & scaling up, coalition building & entrepreneurship, and solar thermal industrial applications. Applications for abstracts are still being accepted on these topics and others. See a complete list of topics and submittal information. The conference is also seeking corporate sponsorship. There will be optional off-site technology visits and an entrepreneurial workshop scheduled after the conference. See the information below.
  • NEW: 19-22 January 2017: Supplemental conference site visits: Solar Cooking Technology Tour - A very special four day optional tour has been organized after the conference to give participants real life exposure to an incredible variety of solar power systems located in India. Simple meals and comfortable but modest local accommodations are included in the overall cost of the tour. Conference registration fees do not include site visit expenses. A summary of the site visits itinerary is listed below. Detailed site visit itinerary and registration information
19 January: Muni Seva Ashram to Tapi Food Products in Surat. Evening is free for people to visit Surat City. Stay overnight in Surat in a local hotel.
20 January: Travel from Surat to Dhule. Visit Dr. Ajay Chandak and stay overnight in Dhule.
21 January: Travel from Dhule to Indore. Visit the the Jimmy McGilligan Centre for Sustainable Development and stay overnight in Indore.
22 January: Visit Jaivik Setu and the Barli Development Institute for Rural Women in Indore. The tour will end in Indore, India on the 22nd of January. The bus will return to the Ashram by 9 pm on the 22nd of January.
  • NEW: 19-20 January 2017: Supplemental conference workshop: Social Entrepreneurship Workshop after the conference: (Goraj) - The Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves (GACC) and the Global Social Benefit Institute (GSBI) jointly developed a program that helps prepare social enterprises in the developing world to apply for grants, investments, awards, and capacity development programs. Workshop topics will include the Social Impact Model, target market segmentation, value proposition, marketing, sales, distribution strategy, partnerships, value chains, and growth strategy. The workshop will be held at the Muni Seva Ashram. Details and registration information ...


  • 23-25 March 2017: (Lahore) Solar Pakistan 2017 will be taking place at the Lahore Expo Centre. "The main focus of this exhibition is to highlight the importance of the most practical and readily available non-conventional renewable resource i.e. Solar Energy." It appears the primary focus will concern photovoltaics but organizers are soliciting exhibiters in the solar drying sector. More information...


  • October 2016 - May 2017: (Geneva):  Solemyo is offering solar cooker construction workshops from October 2016 until May 2017 on the first Saturday of each month. Three participants is the minimum class size. Organize a group of friends to attend. Vous trouverez plus d'informations ici - (English version)



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