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Solar Cooker Challenge in Africa is the name of a proposed project by a Nongovernmental organization in Japan called Solar Cooker Japan (SCJ). Its goal is to promote solar cooking using a new prototype: the Balloon Solar Cooker, invented by Mr. Ohmura, one of the founders of SCJ. Mr. Toshikazu Mito was in Nairobi in March of 2007, holding preliminary discussions with SCI (EA) Director Margaret Owino about a partnership. A team from SCJ later followed with the prototype cookers for field tests in Kenya. SCI (EA) welcomes this new development and will conduct field tests on the new cookers on behalf of SCJ. Their goal is to enable in-country production of the same cookers, should they pass the field test.

SCJ members are also active in promoting solar cooking in Japan and seek an opportunity to broaden the activity in other areas in Africa such as Rwanda.

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