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The Solar Cooker Application Group, headed by Professor Herliyani Suharta, was established in 1993, after the Earth Day Summit in 1992, in order to pursue a grant for a solar cooking research project in Indonesia.  The Group worked with the Center for Field Research (Massachusetts, USA) from 1994-1998 and continued its own research until 2007, when funding ran out.  Currently, the Solar Cooker Application Group is seeking funding to continue its work in developing ecologically-friendly technology and in providing education in the use of green technologies for cooking.

See Also

  • Cook stoves SAVE80 for Clean Development Mechanism Project Kupang 1, East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia. - paper describing a project to introduce the [Cook Stove SAVE80] (Rocket stove design) & Wonderbox (heat retention cooker)
  • Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) Solar Cooker Project Aceh 1, Indonesia - short paper describing a project to introduce & develop use of Alsol K14 parabolic solar cookers and Wonderboxes (heat-retention cookers).
  • Future Prospect of CDM Solar Cooker Project Aceh 1, Indonesia - Proposal for continued funding for the Aceh 1 solar and heat-retention cooking project
  • A Brief Assessment of the CDM Solar Cooker Project at Aceh, Indonesia - Recent proposal for funding for the Aceh project, Tech Monitor May-Jun 2007
  • Can Clean Development Mechanism is used to finance a project that exerting efforts to achieve the UN Millennium Development Goals? - short paper describing a project in Kupang, Indonesia, to introduce the Cook Stove SAVE80 and heat retention cooker
  • Sun Cooking is the Best Practice in Indonesia - ISESCO Science and Technology Vision, Volume 1, May 2005 (69-75)
  • Green Stove Dissemination via Community Education to Face Firewood Scarcity and Financing Possiblity through C-Trading - Proposal to supplement a "LPG to replace kerosene for cooking" project in Indonesia with high-efficiency Green Stoves (rocket-style stoves).
  • Professor Suharta's PhD Thesis Reference List


Prof. Herliyani Suharta
Perum Puspipitek Blok 4 H3 Serpong
Tangerang, Banten 15314

Tel. +62 21 7560562

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