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Last updated: 21 February 2014      
Solar cone grill

A solar cone grill is designed out of cones.

It seems to me that the Solar Cone Grill is easier to construct than the Solar Grill made out of sectors. In a solar cone grill, each cone can be cut out from a metal plate as each cone is a segment of a cirle with a given diameter. Each cone form a part of a parabolic shape heating excactly the same spot. The spot heated is depending on the size of the cones.

4 cones solar cone grill RETT OPP OG NED lines b

I am here adding a new element on this type of design with four cones. One of these models is almost identical to the Earth Bound Cooker. I have just added a new cone on the top of the third cone. The other model is four cones up to 45 degree. This gives a solar grill that is more powerful than one with 3 cones. The focal pont or more right the focal sphere is here 10 cm diameter.

There are benefits to this. One idea is to focus the sun evenly on a sphere, not a point. Even with a big reflector the sphere could be just as big or small as you liked. By adding more cones to the 90-45 degrees area the solar grill would become bigger, but without loosing the focus zone.

Example of five cones solar grill:

5 cone solar grill
5 cones equal conesize cut

Cone-size is here equal to 10 cm

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