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Solar Chef with Sam Erwin 2-7-12

Sam Erwin adjusts his Solar Chef.

Solar Chef interior 2-7-12

The cooker maintains a level cook pot tray.

Solar Chef rear 2-7-12

The Solar Chef was designed and first patented by Sam Erwin in 1978. Since then, he has sold over 3,000 ovens up through 2011. The solar panel cooker incorporates a sturdy framework with a swivel base to allow positioning towards the sun. The central cooking chamber has a small fan to assist distributing the heat evenly.

Sam was trained as a carpenter before he began production. Now, as of 2012, he is thinking he would like to find partner to produce and distribute the cookers.

Audio and video


Sam Erwin
Tracyton, Washington

Tel.: +1 (800) 378-4189 or, +1 (512) 250-5414

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