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Last updated: 24 August 2009      

The SolarPicnic is a panel solar cooker that can be made from a sheet of transparent plastic or cardboard and aluminium tape for the reflective surface. It can cook or heat food at any latitude and can make a cup of tea in 10-20 minutes (depending on season). In medium latitudes close to midday noon: a cup of tea can reach 60 ºC in 10 minutes in summer and 20 minutes in winter. A cup of tea can reach 100 ºC in 25 minutes in summer and 50 minutes in winter. Dried food can reach 112 ºC.


  • Sheet of transparent plastic or cardboard
  • Aluminum
  • Adhesive tape
  • Cord (like shoelaces)
  • Matt finish kettle
  • Black adhesive tape
  • Transparent nylon bag (heat resistant).


Dimensions: 20 x 20 cm (folded)

Weight: 0.3kg

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See Amir Mahdi Komarizade.

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