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SolarCooker Eco3 design photo, 8-11

The SolarCooker Eco3 parabolic solar cooker has been introduced by Solar Cooking NV. Designed by Roland de Vicq, the SolarCooker Eco3 is a shell-shaped (parabolic) surface composed of polished aluminum to reflect the sunlight to the central focal point of the cooker. In the middle is a metal baking tray 20 to 20 cm (8"x8") with a black, heat resistant coated tray for the cooking pot or pan. Precisely because the light comes in from four directions, the temperature in the heart of the solar oven rises quickly to 250 °C (482°F). From this central cooking area, it is easy to cook, bake, steam, and with plenty of sunshine, you can even grill.

SolarCooker Eco3, 8-11

The SolarCooker Eco3 with designer Roland de Vicq.

Recent news and developments

  • September 2011: SolarCooker Eco3 was a great success at the GLEE fair in Birmingham. The SolarCooker Eco3 was introduced recently on the market during the International Glee Fair in Birmingham UK. The stand had a lot of visitors all over the world. Main interest came from Japan, Australia, Africa and some Asian regions. A distribution agreement was already signed with a company based in Ghana. Several proposals are under investigation for USA Florida, Botswana, Australia, Japan and Israel. We believe the SolarCookerEco3 had a great launch on the fair , the expectations for the coming months are great. Pictures of the fair you can find on our website. For more info about our distributor in Ghana follow this link.


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