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[[File:SolSource_2.jpg|thumb|200px|The [[SolSource S2]]]]
*'''November 2012: One Earth Designs (OED) introduces their new parabolic solar cooker''' - Working with rural communities in western [[China]], [[One Earth Designs]], a Beijing/Hong Kong-based company, founded by Americans [[Catlin Powers]] and [[Scot Frank]], has developed the [[SolSource S1]], a portable parabolic solar cooker designed for use by nomadic communities. The S1 can boil a liter of water in ten minutes. Durable and weather resistant materials ensure a longer lifespan. It has a total weight of 18 kilos including a sturdy base design capable of withstanding the high winds typically encountered in the Himalayas. OED’s other solar cooker design, the [[SolSource S2]] will be the world's first temperature adjustable solar cooker with six discrete settings up to 1,000 degrees Celsius. It will provide users with the capacity to generate electricity, heat their homes, [[Water pasteurization|purify their water]] and cook with stored solar energy at night or on cloudy days.
==See also==
*[[SolSource 3-in-1]]
*[[SolSource S1]]
*[[One Earth Designs]]
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[[Category:Solar cooker designs]]
[[Category:Parabolic solar cooker designs]]
[[Category:Parabolic solar cooker designs]]

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