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I have been looking for software help in designing solar cookers for about 6 months. It must be easy to use, free and cross platform, in my opinion. I considered blender, truespace, povray, and google sketchup but recently found art of illusion which I think fits the ease of use requirement. The people in the forums at art of illusion have been really helpful and I achieved more with it in a couple of weeks than with blender and povray in a couple of years! I have a page with my initial software test and results at I also include the art of illusion scene file to download and a link to the solar cooking thread in the art of illusion forum there too. In my test, I compared a hemispherical dish, a parabolic dish, and a 30, a 45 and a 60 degree compound parabolic dish. Each would be kept stationary as the sun moves over them. I used 7 "cameras" to take pics of each dish from the sun position, as it moves from the perfect position to 5,10,15, 20, 25 and 30 degrees off target. I made 2 videos to explain things. is part one is part 2 which helps explain how to use the art of illusion scene file

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