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Last updated: 8 March 2017      
Tejas 2012

The Tejas solar cooker

Simplified Technologies for Life is a business located in Jalna, Maharashtra, India whose primary focus is to promote solar cooking technology, and provide appropriate solar cooking products, within India. They are a subsidiary of Bhagyalaxmi Rolling Mill Pvt. Ltd and Vinodrai Engineers Pvt. Ltd. Vivek Kabra is the founder of Simplified Technology for Life, and has been solar cooking himself since 1990, and teaching solar cooking since 2009, having taught over 2,550 people to solar cook. In 2010 they began to manufacture solar cookers. They use the Tejas solar panel cooker, the SK14 parabolic solar cooker, and The Solar Chef in their workshops. On 19th January 2013, the company organized Suryakumbha the world's largest solar cooking class ever offered at one time for middle school students.See the story about the class below.


  • February 2017: SuryaKumbh festival again sets record - Vivek Kabra reports: "On 11 Feb, 2017, 7,500 school children created history by participating in the World's Largest Solar Cooking Festival. Trained by 400 trainers and guided by 150 supervisors, each one of them made their own solar cooker and cooked noodles in it. Having experienced the power of the sun first hand, each child took the SuryaKumbh solar cooker back home to share the magic of cooking without fuel." The event this year was organized by the Mira Bhayander Municipal Corporation and held in the Bhayandar - Thane area. More information...
Suryakumbh aerial photo 2017

Aerial view of the 7,438 school children learning the basics of solar cooking at SuryaKumbh 2017 - Photo credit: Vivek Kabra

IMG 0100
WP 000416
  • April 2013: Suryakumbha workshop for 218 self help group women was successfully conducted at Nanded, India in association with Bhagyalaxmi Mahila Sahakari Bank. Spanning over three hours, the workshop enlightened the participants on various ways of making a solar oven and the role of every single material used in it, following with the various day to day life materials that can eb efficiently used. The event concluded with participants eating the freshly cooked solar meal.
  • Feb 2013: Students from Golden Jubilee School, Jalna built their own chhotu Tejas solar oven and then cooked their breakfast, lunch and evening soup using the same. It was a classical demonstration of how you can effectively solar cook three times a day.
  • January 2013: World's largest solar cooking class takes place in India - On January 19, 2013, middle school students gathered on the grounds of JES College in Jalna, India to be trained in the use of a simple solar panel cooker. After a quick breakfast, and guidance from 205 trainers, a record-breaking 2,044 students each assembled his or her own solar cooker and placed prepared ingredients inside to cook. After speaker presentations, the students were able to enjoy the lunch they had cooked themselves. This event, sponsored by Simplified Technologies for Life, demonstrates that India is quite serious about introducing solar cooking to young students.

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  • February 2013:
Worlds Largest Solar Cooking Class08:33

Worlds Largest Solar Cooking Class

2,044 middle school students learn to prepare lunch with solar cooking.

Articles in the media

  • January 2014:
Suryakumbha Mumbai ABP Maza coverage-002:43

Suryakumbha Mumbai ABP Maza coverage-0

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Simplified Technologies for Life
12 Km. Stone, Jalna-Aurangabad Road
Village Dawalwadi
Jalna – 431 203

Tel: +91 99606 86393


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