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The Solar Cookers International Network website works just like Wikipedia. Anyone can edit the articles on the site without creating an account. Articles about members, however, are protected so that only registered users can edit them. This allows us to keep track of where changes are coming from and prevents vandalism.

Creating an account

To register, just click the “Sign up” link in the upper right-hand corner of any page.


Then enter a username, email address, birthdate, and choose a password. We would suggest that you choose a meaningful name for your username. This could be your own name, the name of your NGO, or perhaps the initials of your NGO. Then type the “Blurry Word” to verify that you are a person filling out the form and not a robot. Check “Remember my login on this computer” and uncheck “Send me information about Wikia news and events.” Then click “Create account.”


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