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Shuangying Lu with cooker

Shuangying Lu displaying one of the CooKit-style cookers that she and Calvin built

Calvin Griggs and his wife Shuangying Lu have been building CooKit-style solar panel cookers in their home and selling them in the Phoenix area for the past few years. They have sold hundreds of cookers.

Calvin began playing with solar back in the 70's while a resident of Portland, Oregon. He had read some articles on solar power and thought it might be fun to see what it could do. His first project was a small box cooker that he made and tried out on a sunny February day (rare in Portland) that had a high temperature of 28°F (-2°C). The box cooker registered 164°F (73°C)! Calvin then went on and created a solar heating system for his swimming pool and began cooking with solar energy. Because of some international job transfers, he did not have time to pursue his passion for solar cooking.

In 2006 Calvin and Shuangying moved to Phoenix, Arizona where once again their passion for solar cooking could be realized. The local newspaper, The Arizona Republic, did an article on their solar cooking as did Fox News and this aroused the interest of many readers and resulted in the beginning of a small business for the Griggs'. For a time they built cardboard solar cookers by hand and sold them in the area.

The Griggs' say that there is a termendous interest in solar cooking now with utility rates being raised frequently, people's consideration for the environment and the economy. An indusrty that was once laughed at by skeptics is now being taken more serously.

The Griggs' mission is: Using the sun today for a better tomorrow pretty much sums up the solar enthusists stance on this free source of energy.

New solar cooker 011
Calvin Griggs - Arizona Republic.


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