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Sharon Avidor Brit Olam 2007

Sharon Avidor is from the university of Tel Aviv, Israel, and in October of 2007 she was a member of a student humanitarian and ecological delegation, of 12 people, to Tanzania. They spent a few days in the village of Minjingu, in the Babati district of northern Tanzania. In the village she taught a small group of women how to build and use solar cookers (simple panel cookers), after having collected donations in Israel for materials (namely, aluminium foil, scissors, non-toxic glue, etc.) in large quantities, that should be enough for them to maintain and build many more cookers. The project initially went very well, and the women expressed interest and enthusiasm in solar cooking as a way to improve their living conditions.

She is thinking of going back sometime in 2008 and she solicites any advice on activities she can carry out then, or before that time, to help this project work and last for the long run, and to spread out among the women of this village and others like it.

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  • January 2008:
Sharon's Solar Stoves Workshop06:13

Sharon's Solar Stoves Workshop

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