Seven Panel Cooker Preparedness box, 11-12-12

The Seven Panel Cooker can be folded to fit in the Preparedness Kitchen planned by the Kerr-Cole Sustainable Living Center.

Seven Panel Cooker relfectors, 11-12-12

The of the best designs for a traveling solar cooker might be the Seven Panel Cooker by Barbara Kerr. It folds flat like a notebook. When it is set up to cook, the panels make angles that efficiently reflect the sun’s rays onto the cooking pot. The seventh panel is positioned to reflect light directly toward the center of the cooker, where the cooking pots are located in oven bags. Since this cooker is lightweight, it is vulnerable to wind. Therefore, a solid backing and rocks placed on the panels may be necessary.

Five of the seven panels are of heavy cardboard. Two panels are thinner and lighter weight allowing them to slide under the center bottom panel. This design is also relatively easy to make. The only tricky part is connecting the panels so that they fold together into a flat unit. Luckily detailed instructions are available. The Seven Panel Cooker comes as part of the Kerr-Cole Sustainable Living Center “Preparedness Kitchen.”

The entire kitchen fits into an apple box, the bottom half of which turns into a Reflective Open Box Solar Cooker. The box contains cooking pots, oven bags, hot pads, eating utensils, a solar-charged light and a small rocket stove.