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Scot Frank is co-founder and board member of One Earth Designs. Frank’s training is in computer science and electrical engineering (MIT). He has extensive experience with information communication technologies for development, water quality testing, and energy technology design. Frank has taught design courses, led project teams, and built partnerships in the Himalayan region since 2005.

He is well known for his involvement in the design and development of the SolSource 3-in-1, a solar cooker, heater, and thermoelectricity generator. The device is easily disassembled and transported by one person, and can then be quickly reassembled in the field and staked down solidly on the ground to resist the wind.

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News and recent developments

SolSource 3-in-1 in China 4-24-10

SolSource in use with Himalayan community members.

  • September, 2010: The SolSource solar oven wins 500K EU in the Green Challenge. Once again the SolSource has impressed the jury, and won the Dutch, Postcode Lottery Green Challenge. The Postcode Lottery Green Challenge award is a startup competition run by the Dutch Postcode Lottery with 500,000 EU ($666,200 US) up for grabs for the winner and 200,000 EU ($260,500 US) for the runner-up. All entries must have the potential to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions in a measurable fashion. From an impressive field of young entrepreneurs, the jury chose 25-year old Scot Frank of One Earth Designs as the winner for his company’s SolSource solar oven. The SolSource is a solar cooker, heater, and electricity generator. It was inspired by the time Frabj spent in the Himalayas (the product has been tested there for 3 years), where women spend many hours a day collecting dung and wood fuels for cooking and heating. This process leads to deforestation, and many tribes in the Himalayas are rapidly running out of their traditional fuel sources. Families also breathe toxic indoor air pollution from the fire. Indoor air pollution is one of the world’s biggest killers of children under five, claiming 1.6 million lives per year. More Information...
  • August 2009: Research Projects for People Prosperity and the Planet - EPA
  • June 2009: Global Service Blog - Change.Org
  • June 2009: Seed Grant Awards - Legatum Center
  • May 2009: SolSource 3-in-1: An Alternative Energy Solution - WordChanging
  • May 2009: The SolSource Wins, 2009 - St Andrews Prize for the Environment
  • April 2009: 2009 Awards - MIT IDEAS
  • April 2009: SolSource Demonstration - Discovery Channel Daily Planet Interview
  • March 2009: One Earth Designs - Make Magazine Blog
  • October 2008: Five to Watch - Featured in Boston Globe
  • July 2008: Utah native utilizing sun's rays in Asia - Deseret News
  • June 2008: Harnessing the Tibetan sun - MIT News

Articles in the media

Audio and video

Scot Frank & Catlin Powers' Earth Hour 2013 IWIYW challenge01:00

Scot Frank & Catlin Powers' Earth Hour 2013 IWIYW challenge

Catlin Powers and Scot Frank of One Earth Designs challenge solar cooks and innovators to share their ideas for new approaches and uses for solar cookers.

Catlin Powers of One Earth Designs - 2012 St Andrews Prize for the Environment01:27

Catlin Powers of One Earth Designs - 2012 St Andrews Prize for the Environment

Catlin Powers provides an update on the development of their product range at One Earth Designs since winning the prize in 2009. The interview was held at the 2012 awards at University of St Andrews on the 25th of April 2012.

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