This article is about a group or individual that may no longer be active in solar cooking. It is retained here for archival purposes.

Last updated: 14 January 2007      

The School of Renewable Energy (SRE) was formed to help solve Nepal’s major problems in energy, water, environment, sanitation, poverty, unemployment, and by stimulating income generation and micro-enterprises the school will 1) develop a skilled workforce, 2) create major awareness in alternate sources of energy, 3) disseminate Renewable Energy (RE) devices creating high demand, 4) stimulate small RE businesses, and 5) improve quality of life for the poor and Nepal as a whole. SRE will teach solar thermal (cookers, dryers, water/space, pasteurizers), fuel-efficient stoves, Photo-Voltaics, WLED lighting, small-scale hydro, bio-gas, composting (toilets), “green building” techniques, social impacts, plus training in metalworking, carpentry, and small business skills.

A Rotary Matching Grant provides machinery, plus enough materials for 80 students to fabricate devices, and learn how to introduce them to 180 families. SRE even set up a temporary workshop in the impoverished village of Alapot to train selected villagers (Fig.15, 16). This could be the start of a “Solar Village”

If successful, SRE’s increased dissemination of Renewable Energy devices and employment will address the severe Maoist insurgency problem that has its origin in the abject poverty of the country.


See Allart Ligtenberg.