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*even melts aluminum (!)
*even melts aluminum (!)
*is perfekt for cooking with a pan
*is perfekt for cooking with a pan
[[Video:Solar cooking: How to build a solar cooker from a satellite dish|thumb|right|500px|Here is how the satellite dish cooker works]]
[[Video:Solar_cooking_How_to_build_a_solar_cooker_from_a_satellite_dish|thumb|right|500px|Here is how the satellite dish cooker works]]
[[Category:Solar cooker designs]]
[[Category:Solar cooker designs]]
[[Category:Solar cooker plans]]
[[Category:Solar cooker plans]]

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2011-07-08-13-56-40 Solarkocher

The Satellite Dish Cooker

Satellite dishes are only made for two purposes: for perfektly concentrating waves into one focal point and for beeing perfektly easyly adjusted. So this project is extremly simple

  • No welding necessary
  • Satellite Dish from Ebay for 60,- € (120cm diameter)
  • Mirror foil for 9,-€
  • Simply mounted upside down on a old swivel chair

What do i need to build one?

  1. A Satellitedish with a diameter of 120cm. This equals 1,13m² of collecting surface. So we recieve over 1000W of sun energy
  2. A reflective foil or a reflective tape or simply aluminium foil + glue
  3. An old swivel chair or simply the foot of a fan
  4. A tripod or something else that is holding the pot
  5. A pot which is sprayed in black

How do i build it?

Paste foil on the dish:

  1. Carefully sand the dish. This was necessary because the surface was so rough that the reflective foil didn't adhere.
  2. Cut the foil into 10cm wide strips

Mount the dish on its frame:

Satellite dishes are made for

  1. perfectly concentrating light into one point
  2. beeing mounted and adjusted easyly

You simply take the dish and mount it upside down on the old swivel chair. By drilling one hole and adding one screw everything will be fixed. (Pictures will be added later)

The result

  • boils 1L of water within < 10min
  • makes a big piece of wood burn within 4 sek
  • even melts aluminum (!)
  • is perfekt for cooking with a pan

thumb|right|500px|Here is how the satellite dish cooker works

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