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Last updated: 23 February 2017      
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Sanu Kaji Shrestha is the Founder and Director of FoST.

FoST projects in the rural communities focusing on empowering women:

All of our efforts address the empowerment of women and aim at establishing a sustainable kitchen in the rural communities. We mostly cover four burning issues: (a) energy and the environment, (b) water-borne diseases, (c) indoor air pollution, and (d) income generation. Based on these things, FoST has developed a wide range of environment-friendly, easily-applicable, sustainable technologies for improving the quality of life of rural communities. We are exploring donors' support continuing and expanding these efforts.

News and recent developments

  • February 2010: I attended the Mediterranean Conference on Sustainable Engineering and met with Andreas Fasoulides in Cyprus and discussed on the possible collaboration. I sold a solar CooKit to the participant from Palestine. I got great interest my briquette presses (smallest press just 5 kgs) and briquette stove from the participants from Tufts University. It was a very successful event.
Sanu Kaji award 2007

Sanu Kaji Shrestha and FoST promote several types of solar cookers, as well as fuel-efficient stoves that burn special briquettes made from agricultural and industrial waste.

  • March 2008: The BBC’s annual World Challenge competition honors individuals and organizations that make a difference through enterprise and innovation at a grassroots level. The top 12 projects were promoted on the television program BBC World and in Newsweek magazine, followed by a public voting period. Solar cooker promoter Sanu Kaji reports that his organization, Foundation for Sustainable Technologies (FoST), was a top three finalist, winning $10,000 for its Cooking Without Gas project. The project was selected over nearly 1,000 others. Kaji Shrestha is grateful for the votes and support from the solar cooking community. In a letter to Solar Cookers International, he wrote, “Part of the credit goes to you and your solar cooking network for lobbying, and untiring support in our efforts.” Congratulations to Kaji Shrestha and FoST for this well-deserved honor!


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