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SUPO has started a solar cooking programme in Ouagadougou, the growing capital of Burkina Faso. The aims of PESGO (Programme Energie Solaire Grand-Ouaga) are:

  • to introduce solar energy in urban households by training women in using the CooKit.
  • to educate children (13 to 16 years) in hygiene, health and solar cooking to create a new generation of cooks, who are familiar with sustainable cooking.

In PESGO, it is observed that the CooKit cannot replace firewood entirely. SUPO is exploring the use of Jatropha oil as a complement to the CooKit. The Jatropha plant is drought tolerant and its fruits contain oil which can be used as fuel substitute. Unlike the use of solar energy, there is a still little field experience. Further exploration is needed. The combination of the CooKit and Jatropha oil seems to have high potential in the urban kitchens of West-Africa.

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