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Last updated: 5 July 2016      
Sunplicity logo, 12-12-15
Sunplicity cooker, 12-12-15

The SUNplicity parabolic solar cooker

SUNplicity is the name of a collapsable parabolic solar cooker, designed by Alain Bivas living in Lamillarié, France. It is also the name of the company.

According to the designer, the unit is all metal and weighs 2.5 kg (5.5 lbs). The reflector, which cleverly folds down to a small flat package, is anodized aluminum with a nano-ceramic layer.


  • July 2016: SUNplicity is now accepting orders for their collapsible parabolic solar cooker.
  • December 2015: The company plans to begin accepting prepayment for a cooker in early 2016 (January-February) for delivery in spring (April-May) 2016. The estimated cost is to be 290€ ($440USD).

Articles in the media

Audio and video

  • December 2015:
Le LIBERTAD d'Alain BIVAS - SUNplicity 201602:14

Le LIBERTAD d'Alain BIVAS - SUNplicity 2016

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81120 russet, Lamillarié

Tel: +33 05 63 79 12 99

Web: - (English version)

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