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In 2009 SOS Energie Burkina (SOSEB) began teaching solar cooking, and making solar cookers in Burkina Faso . They have taught over 180 people to solar cook, and have distributed over 300 solar cookers through 2011. The cookers were assembled in Burkina Faso with local materials. They were also SEED Award Winners for a grant to promote the use of biomass briquettes. Their main task is to search for alternative energy to wood and coal, in order to fight against deforestation and protecting the environment. The non-profit organization has over 204 members, including 20 volunteers. They are seeking technical and financial partners to help achieve their objectives.

Recent news and developments

Best Practice Action Week starts on U.N. World Environment Day, 5 June 2012 Sustainable Initiatives from 151 Countries and Free Energy Checks

One of the biggest challenges of the future lies in solving the energy question. Industrial countries are looking for answers concerning optimized energy consumption, while emerging countries are focusing on solar energy. The challenge to all, however, lies in creating opportunities and becoming sufficiently motivated to act. Actions need to become advantageous enough so we all will benefit from less energy consumption and more cost-efficient energies.

Precisely that is the objective of United Nations World Environment Day on 5 June. This year, the Austrian Energy Globe Foundation, well known as organizer of the world’s most prestigious environmental prize, the Energy Globe Award, together with UNEP, UNIDO, and UNESCO is organizing a global best practice week and providing the following services:

Beginning on 5 June, the international Energy Globe online portal will offer

• Access to information concerning national Energy Globe Award projects from 151 different countries. • Access to information on personal home energy savings through interactive energy analyses and online home-improvement activities. • Access to a global interactive solar tool for checking energy saving possibilities at home. • Access to a database with information on nearly 6,000 project submissions.

“This is a global and unique activity, where we will be presenting great solutions for the environment, at the same time supporting individuals in their efforts to find potential energy savings solutions”, says Energy Globe founder and organizer Wolfgang Neumann, who is looking forward to the Action-Day in June.

On World Environment Day all partners of the Action Week will call on everyone to link up in this global online activity.Energy Globe is asking for your active support of this action week. Become part of our global campaign by linking up with our online platform and help people find future-oriented solutions for all of us – no matter if rich or poor. Also, we would like to ask you to please pass information about this activity on to your partners and networks.

In cooperation with the Austrian Chamber of Commerce and its external commerce center, on all 5 continents and in solemn award ceremonies, the national Energy Globe winners are currently being presented their awards. The projects submitted range from high-tech ideas to simple and yet efficient responses to most of the world’s environmental problems, either through offering solutions for greater energy efficiency, more efficient implementation of renewable energies, or a more conscientious use of available resources such as water. On 5 June, the entire range of entries will be presented through the online portal.

The Energy Globe Award was created in 1999 and is today’s most prestigious environmental award. Each year, awards in the 5 categories of Earth, Fire, Water, Air, and Youth attract participants from more than 100 nations, who participate by entering a total of more than 1000 sustainable projects. The national Energy Globe Award is presented to the best entry of each country, while the world’s best project will receive the prestigious Energy Globe World Award.

With immediate effect, Energy Globe Award projects can be submitted to the Energy Globe Foundation. For more information and the entry form, please go to

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