Last updated: 7 November 2015      
Kahn Grumley Owino DSeifert ISeifert

Danielle Kahn, Terry Grumley, Margaret Owino, SK14 inventor Dr. Dieter Seifert of EG Solar and his wife, Imma Seifert, demonstrate a large SK-14 parabolic cooker at the World Summit on Sustainable Development in Johannesburg, South Africa.

The SK-14 is a parabolic solar cooker invented by Dr. Dieter Seifert that can cook for 10-15 people per day with only 2-3 hours of sunlight. (also note that using a pressure cooker dramatically reduces the cooking time.) Food can be kept hot for hours (or allowed to finish cooking) using a heat-retention cooker. An SK-14 is shipped flat and ready for assembly with component parts, in the box, ready to assemble.

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